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Browser Not Working – Get Expert Solutions From Browser Support

While working on the internet, and your browser stops working midway. What makes this a matter of concern? Surely it’s a symptom that needs serious attention, otherwise, you may lose your work or even the browser itself. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about it anymore, as no matter what the reason for Browser Not Working, it can be resolved.

Browser Not Working

In order to resolve the issue from the scratch, first, it is important to understand the problem itself. Right! So, for the sake of discussion, there could be many reasons that might lead you to this frustrating scenario.

So let’s discuss the major grounds, that might be working in the background leaving you a wracked Web Browser.


Connected to Internet Yet Browser Not Working on Your PC?

It is not possible to mention all the minute details related to the corrupted browser, but there are a few notable factors that are worth mentioning. In a general sense, internet connection can be one of the reasons. However, you might have checked for that as well.

Another factor, when the browser’s cache memory or the cookies are corrupted then the problem won’t be an alien to you. In that case, clearing out the data may do the trick for you.

Let’s say, you tried this too. But the problem still persists, now what else could be the reason for an unresponsive browser?  Well, it can take place if the system is not compatible or the operating system is not up to date. In that case, check for the update in Windows update section. You can also run a compatibility diagnosis to clarify the fact.

Check all these steps and appears to be no glitch in that part. Now, its time to go a little deep following the errors in the first place.

There are some broad heads of error that may come across in your course of use. To be specific, here I would be discussing 4 major errors related to almost all browsers in Windows and Mac.


“Aw, Snap” – Web Page is Not Loading

This is the most common type of error with browsers. This happens when you tried to load a page and it takes a longer time than usual. To clarify, ” Aw, Snap” has no meaning, it’s a jargon that browser uses when it can’t connect to the server. This could be a simple error or sometimes a major one too.


Web Page is Not Loading

However, if the problem is with your memory then reloading the page will definitely resolve the issue. Sometimes, it might require a cleanup of your browser caches memory or cookies. Another important aspect we should not ignore, the internet connection. If you are trying to load a heavy website and the page is running on a slow internet connection then you might face a problem.

In a nutshell, you can try these steps to resolve the Browser Not Working issue.

  • Reload the page or close unused tabs
  • Clear out the cache data and browsing history
  •  Disable added extension from your browser


SSL Connection Error – Browser Protocol

SSL is used by the browser to maintain a privacy protocol in respect of websites. Every browser has its own default SSL certificate list. If any sort of mismatch observed by the browser then you will see SSL error.

SSL errors are of two types, SSL Connection Error, and SSL Certificate Error.

SSL Error for unresponsive website

There are a number of reasons for this particular problem, for instance…

  • If the certificate is corrupted or untrusted
  • Sometimes if the certificate is issued by an untrusted authority
  •  If there is a mismatch in your setting such as date and time
  •  An outdated browser could be another reason

You need to check all these above-mentioned points to prevent this error from occurring. Try updating the browser, in case you are using any third party security software then temporarily disable it. You can also change the SSL setting in the browser.


Flash Plugging Out of Date

Adobe flash player is very important for several websites to see their content. If the plugin is not updated then you might not visit the page as your flash player is blocked. In that case, you need to update the flash player to the latest version. Doing this will do the trick for you to resolve browser not working issue.

Flash Plugin for unresponsive browser

Search for an updated Adobe Flash Player Plugin on the web. Get the plugin from a verified site and mention the model and the browser. Install the plugin and restart the browser. Now, you can visit the page which required adobe plugin.


Run Time Error

This is another error that users face most frequently. This is also an issue that causes slow loading of web pages. When you enter an URL and it takes longer time than specified to load the targeted page then it will show you a message stating a runtime error. There could be two simple reasons for the same which makes your browser not working.

Runtime Error

First and the most common reasons is the internet connection. When the speed does not match the required bandwidth to load the page it will refuse to load the page. So, if the matter is with you too, then you need to check the internet connection.

Another factor is if the server is corrupted or slow, you will also face this issue. When you try to visit any website during that time if the site is under maintenance or crashed it will show you a connection timeout issue. Try opening other web pages to verify the subject.


Final Thought on Browser Not Working

Browser Not Woking is not something unusual,  but if you can locate the root cause affecting your browser it will help you resolve the issue. I will not say, apart from these errors you will not face any other problem. But, based on user experience and frequently reported issues, these are the major problems with almost all the browsers.

You can try these steps to resolve the issue. If the problem still persists then you can connect with our expert team for an instant reliable solution. Call Browser Support at +1-833-292-6035. Our Experts are here 24×7 to Help you fix all types of Errors.