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Fix Chrome “Aw, Snap!” Error – Get Solutions From Us

Google Chrome is the fastest browser available to surf the internet. However, it has some errors that may impact your browsing experience. Chrome Aw Snap is one of the errors that are most common in occurrence. But, no need to worry about that, as it might sound some bigger issue, but, as a matter of fact, it can be solved with a few simple steps.

Chrome Aw Snap

Most of us struggle with the problem as we know very less about the issue itself. In order to cut the link, you should know where the root of the issue is. The browser doesn’t have wide options to control its browsing behaviors by the end users. It also gives many settings and customizable option for end users to make their browsing experience exciting.

But what if in the middle of browsing you see an “Aw, Snap!”? Surely you want to avoid that situation, right! But, before that, there should be a basic idea about the error you are dealing with…


Chrome Aw Snap Meaning – Is it a Virus?

No, it’s not a virus, though “Aw, Snap!” literally means nothing, it is a jargon that Chrome uses to describe a problem. When you try to load a website and it takes time to load the page it will show you an “Aw Snap” error. Usually, it happens when Chrome detects a problem with the web page.

Although the message doesn’t give you a clear idea of what the error is all about, it indicates a problem with the browser extension or third-party security programme though.

Now, what are the possible ways to troubleshoot the issue? Here are some effective ways to prevent this web page not responding issue.


Chrome Ran Out Of Memory

When you see an “Aw Snap” error, usually reloading the page resolves the Chrome Aw Snap issue in most of the cases. If after pressing the reloading button it doesn’t work, then it might be an issue of low memory.

This generally happens when you open too many tabs at one time. Or run multiple application in the background. Consider, closing the unused tabs and unimportant application as well. So that, Chrome gets enough memory to access the server.

  • If you are downloading any file then pause or cancel the download
  • Close other programme running on your computer
  • Reload the page after performing all the task


Remove or Disable Added Extension

If you are using the browser extension then it can also create memory issues. In order to clarify the fact, close the browser and then open the browser in an incognito window. Then try to open the web page you were trying to open. If you able to visit the site then its a clear indication that the extension is causing an error. When you open an incognito window it does not load the extension file installed in your browser.

Chrome not respondiong AW Snap


Clear Out the Browser Caches Memory

Sometimes if the cache’s memory is corrupted then it may create a problem while browsing the internet. So, in that case, you need to clear out the cache data and cookies as well. You can perform the act by going to the setting option in your browser and clear all the memory. It will refresh your internet browser, now you should not face this Chrome Aw Snap issue anymore.


Disable All Third-Party Antivirus Software

If you are using any third party security software then, in that case, the software might interrupt the communication with the server. Third-party antivirus sometimes stops the permission of the server. To verify the fact you need to temporarily disable the antivirus you are using. Then try loading the web page if you visit the web page then it is clear that the security software is creating the problem.


Final Thoughts

When you see Aw Snap Error in Chrome, it literally means that your browser is having some problem loading the page. You can try these above-mentioned fixes. In addition, you can try creating a new user profile for the browser. Also, if you are using any hardware acceleration then consider disabling it. It will boost up the speed of your browser speed. Now, you can experience a flawless internet connection.

If after all this Chrome Aw Snap error still persists then, you can get in touch with our Chrome Support Team. Call at toll-free Number: +1-833-292-6035. You will get your desired solution in the lowest minimum time. Available 24×7.